Title Arthur/Ilustrator Publisher Remark

She Stoops To Conquer Dr Goldsmith/Edwin A Abbey Harper & Brothers, 1887
Chinese Love Tales George Souile De Morant/Valenti Angelo Personal Books
Translations From The Chinese Arthur Waley/Cyrus Le Roy Baldridge Alfred A Knopf, 1940
First Book In Astronomy Rev. J. L. Blake Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1837
The Arabian Nights Frances Brundage Saalfield Pub Co, 1924
Heroes of The Dark Continent J W Buel Desmond Pub Co, 1889
Sea & Land J W Buel Standard Pub Co, 1887
The Beautiful Story : Golden Gems of Reliqious Thought J W Buel Historical Pub Co, 1888
The Living World : A Complete Natural History J W Buel Historical Pub Co, 1889
The Savage World : A Complete Natural History J W Buel Historical Pub Co, 1891
Orchids For Everyone Charles H Curtis J M Dent & Sons, 1910
The Wide, Wide World Elizabeth Wetherell/Frederick Dielman JB Lippincott Co, 1888
Adventures of Don Quixote trans by Charles Jarvis/Gustave Dore Belford Clarke & Co
Atala (by Chateaubriand) trans by James Spence Harry/Gustave Dore Cassell,Petter & Galpin, cc1870
Dante's Inferno Dante Alighieri/Gustave Dore Cassell & Co
Droll Stories Honore de Balzac/Gustave Dore The Bibliophilist Society, 1874?
History of The Crusades Vol 1 Michaud/Gustave Dore George Barrie Publisher
History of The Crusades Vol 2 Michaud/Gustave Dore George Barrie Publisher

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Myths of The Rhine X B Saintine/Gustave Dore Scribner, Armstrong & Co, 1875
Paradise Lost John Milton/Gustave Dore Cassell Pub Co, NY, cc1880
Paradise Lost John Milton/Gustave Dore White,Stokes & Allen, 1886
The Fable of La Fontaine trans by Walter Thornbury/Gustave Dore Cassell, Petter & Galpin
The Legend of Croquemitaine trans by Tom Hood/Gustave Dore Cassell,Petter & Galpin, cc1870
The History of Don Quixote Cervantes/Gustave Dore Cassell & Co
Out-Of-Doors In The Holy Land Henry Van Dyke Charles Scribner's Sons, 1908
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte/Fritz Eichenberg Random House, 1944
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte/Fritz Eichenberg Random House, 1944
The Prayer Book of Michelino Da Besozzo Intro by Colin Eisler George Braziller,NY
The complete book of space travel Albro Tilton Gaul/Virgil Finlay World Pub, 1956
The Land of Froud Edited by David Larkin/Brian Froud Peacock Press
Three Years In The Federal Cavalry Willard Glazier RH Ferguson & Co, 1870
Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction And The Drama Vol 1-4 Edited by Marion Harland Selmar Hess, NY, 1892-1896
For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway Jonathan Cape, 1946
Undine Gertrude C. Schwebell/Eros Keith Simon & Schuster, 1976
Oscar Wilde Epigrams Fritz Kredel Peter Pauper Press
The Blue Fairy Book Andrew Lang Longmans, Green & Co, 8th Ed, 1897
The Green Fairy Book Andrew Lang Longmans, Green & Co, 4th Ed, 1895
The Pink Fairy Book Andrew Lang Longmans, Green & Co, 1897
The Red Fairy Book Andrew Lang Longmans, Green & Co, 6th Imp., 1898
The Yellow Fairy Book Andrew Lang Longmans, Green & Co, 3rd Ed, 1897
The Enchanted Wanderer Nikolai Leskov Foreign Languages Pub Hse, Moscow
Antonio's Tales From The Thousand And One Nights Antonio Lopez Stewart,Tabori & Chang Inc, 1985
Rowdy Rhymes Henry R Martin Peter Pauper Press
The Tale of The Shining Princess Hisako Matsubara/Naoko Matsubara Kodansha Int'l Ltd, Japan,
1st Ed, 1966
The Man of Property John Galsworthy/Charles Mozley The Heritage Press, 1964
The Pearl John Steinbeck/Jose Clemente Orozco Viking Press, 13th Prt, 1965
The Garden Behind The Moon Howard Pyle Charles Scribner's Sons, 1938
The Body's Rapture (Black & Gold Edition) Jules Romains Liveright Pub Corp, NY, 1933
Modern Prints & Drawings Paul J. Sachs Alfred A Knopf, 1954
Myths & Legends of Ancient Egypt Lewis Spence/Evelyn Paul George G Harrap & Co, 1915
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland Lewis Carroll/Arthur Rackham Doubleday Doran & Co, cc1928
Comus John Milton/Arthur Rackham Wlliam Heinemann, cc1921
Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens J M Barrie/Arthur Rackham Hodder & Stoughton
Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving/Arthur Rackham William Heinemann, 1919
Tales of Mystery & Imagination Edgar Allan Poe/Arthur Rackham J.B.Lippincott Co, cc1935
The Wind In The Willows Kenneth Grahame/Arthur Rackham Heritage, 1940
The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie Richard Wagner/Arthur Rackham Wlliam Heinemann, 1910
BEE : The Princess of The Dwafts Anatole France/Charles Robinson J M Dent & Sons, 1922
Magic & Magicians Bill Severn David McKay Co, 1958
Two Little Savages Ernest Thompson Seton Grosset & Dunlap, 1911
The Sportsman's Handbook Rowland Ward, FZS Rowland Ward & Co, 7th Ed, 1894
Polyglott Bible (English Version) Joseph A Warne, etc Fessenden & Co,, 1834
Report of The commissioner of Patents For The Year 1856 - A O P Nicholson, 1857
Arabian Miniatures : The Most Beautiful Nights - Editions du Sud, Paris, 1968
"Bulgarian Graphic Art" Български Художник TOMOV, EVTIM Bulgarski Houdozhnik Publishing House, 1956
Psalm - 1799
Encyclopedia Britannica, Third Edition, in Eighteen Volumes Edinburgh, 1797
plus Supplement in Two Volumes Edinburgh, 1801


Title Arthur/Ilustrator

The New York Trilogy Paul Auster
The Wings of the Dove Henry James/Philip Bannister
The Mandarins Simone de Beauvoir
Zuleika Dobson Max Beerbohm
The Great Fire of London Walter George Bell
Dante's Inferno Illus by William Blake
Paradise Lost John Milton/Illus by William Blake
The Human Factor Graham Greene/Illus by Bill Bragg
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee/Illus by Aafke Brouwer
Green Mantle John Buchan
Mr Stand Fast John Buchan
The Island of Sheep John Buchan
The Three Hostages John Buchan
The Thirty-Nine Steps John Buchan
A History of Histories John Burrow
Legend of The Grail Edited by Barber/Illus by Simon Brett
Hercule Poirot Stories Vol 1-3 Agatha Christie
The Complete Miss Marple Short Stories Agatha Christie
A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys Nathaniel Hawthorne/Illus by Walter Crane
The Deptford Trilogy Robertson Davies
The Arabian Night Vol 1-6 (2 sets) Illus by Edward J. Detmold
A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
Live & Let Die Ian Fleming
Christmas Crime Stories Illus by Michael Foreman
Life Richard Fortey
The Golden Fleece Robert Graves/Illus by Grahame Baker
The Greek Myths Robert Graves
The Maltese Falcon Dashiell Hammett
84 Charing Cross Road Helen Hanff
Cities and Civilisations Christopher Hibbert
Travels with My Aunt Graham Greene/John Holder
Tales from Shakespeare Charles Lamb
The Diary of A Nobody George & Weedon Grossmith/John Lawrence
Best of Saki H H Munro
Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell
One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez/Illus by Neil Packer
The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco/Illus by Neil Packer
Perrault's Fairy Tales Charles Perrault/Illus by Edmund Dulac
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens J.M. Barrie/Arthur Rackham
A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare/William Heath Robinson
The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame/Charles van Sandwyk
Winnie The Pooh, The House at Pooh Corner, The Complete Poems of Christopher Robin AA Milne/EH Shepard
The Lifted Veil: Women's 19th-Century Stories Intro By Kathryn Hughes/Illus by Peter Suart
Perfume - The Story of a Murderer Patrick Suskind
A Treasury of Mark Twain Illus by Rod Waters
The Once and Future King T.H. White
Irish Fairy and Folk Tales Collected by W. B. Yeats
Cartographia : Mapping Civilizations Vincent Virga
Bingo Boys & Poodle Fakers : A Curious Compendium of Historical Slang -
Very Interesting People (10 vols) -