Title Arthur/Ilustrator ConditionRemark

Babies In The Wood Frank Adams ExLib -
The Charles Addams Mother Goose Charles Addams Simon & Schuster,2002-
The Book That Jack Wrote Jon Scieszka/Daniel Adel Viking,1994 -
The King's Day: Louis XIV of France Aliki ExLib -
The Twelve Months: A Greek Folktale Aliki ExLib -
Welcome, Little Baby Aliki Greenwillow-
A City in Winter Mark Helprin/Chris Van Allsburg Viking -
Bad Day at Riverbend Chris Van Allsburg HMCo -
Jumanji Chris Van Allsburg HMCo -
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi x2 Chris Van Allsburg HMCo -
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick Chris Van Allsburg HMCo -
Grunter: The Story of a Pig with AttitudeMike Jolley/Deborah Allwright Templarpig
Dracula's Late Night TV Show Victor Ambrus ExLib -
Tears of Joy Barbara J. Behm/Ellen Anderson Waywood-
Dragon Wayne Anderson ExLib /Hutchinson, 1992-
Year of the Horse Nigel Suckling/Wayne Anderson Pavilion-
Year of the Dragon Nigel Suckling/Wayne Anderson Pavilion-
Gnomes & Gardens Nigel Suckling/Wayne Anderson Pavilion-
The Leprechaun Companion Niall Macnamara/Wayne Anderson Pavilion-
Jim's Lion Russell Hoban, Ian Andrew - -
The Boy Who Found The Light Dale De Armond ExLib-
The Seal Oil Lamp Dale De Armond ExLib-
Wedding Birds Jutta Ash Anderson Press-
Who Do You Love? Martin Waddell/Camilla Ashforth Used cat
River Debby Atwell HMCo -
The Story of Rosy Dock Jeannie Baker Greenwillow -
Mr Bow Tie Karen Barbour ExLib-
Dublin: One Thousand Years of Wood Quay Jonathan Bardon/Stephen Conlin Learning Links,1988-
Flower Fairies of the Spring Cicely Mary Barker Warne-
Flower Fairies of the Summer Cicely Mary Barker Warne-
Flower Fairies of the Autumn Cicely Mary Barker Warne-
Flower Fairies of the Winter Cicely Mary Barker Warne-
Cock-A-Moo-Moo Juliet Dallas-Conte/Alison Bartlett - rooster
Animalia (Anniversary Edition) Graeme Base Abrams-
The Sign of The Seahorse Graeme Base Abrams-
The Worst Band in the Universe Graeme Base Abrams-
Truckdogs Graeme Base Viking-
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs Sam Mcbratney/Ivan Bates ExLibrat
The Mousehole Cat Antonia Barber/Nicola Bayley ExLibcat
Zoom At Sea x2 Eric Beddows ExLibcat
Night Cars Teddy Jam/Eric Beddows - -
Little Mouse's Painting Diane Wolkstein/Mary Jane Begin - mouse
Mrs Peachtree and The Eighth Avenue Cat Erica Silverman/Ellen Beier ExLib -
You Are My Perfect Baby (Board) Joyce Carol Thomas/Nneka Bennett Harper-
Mooki's Secret (Forest Tales Series) Kari Smalley Gibson/Richard Bernal Multnomah-
The Very Scary Cave (Forest Tales) Kari Smalley Gibson/Richard Bernal Multnomah-
It Was A Dark & Stormy Night Linda Birkinshaw Used / Pop-Up-
Sleeping Beauty Adele Geras/Christian Birmingham Orchard-
The Sea of Tranquility Mark Haddon/Christian Birmingham ExLib-
The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time Anne Baring/Thetis Blacker - -
A Certain Small Shepherd Rebecca Caudill/William Pene Du Bois Henry Holt-
Poinsettia & Her Family Felicia Bond ExLibpig
Audubon Cat Mary Calhoun/Susan Bonners ExLibcat
Litttle Crazy Car (A Big Time Wonder Book)Hilda Boswell Duttondog
Lost Tales: Stories for the Tsar's Children Gleb Botkin Villard-
Sherman Crunchley Laura Joffe Numeroff/Tim Bowers Courage-
Mostly Ghostly Steven Zorn/John Bradley Courage-
An Alphabet of Animals Isabelle Brent No DJ /Pavilion-
The Singing Ringing Tree Louise Brierley ExLib-
The Snowman Storybook Raymond Briggs Random Hse-
Fire Flies ! Julie Brinkloe ExLib-
Crookjaw Caron Lee Cohen/Linda Bronson Henry Holt -
Nothing Ever Happens On 90th Street Roni Schotter/Krysten Brooker ExLib -
Pixie Peapod and Nine Other Tales Barbara Hayes/Mary Brooks Used-
The Travels of Babar Jean De Brunhoff ExLibelephant
Why Can't I Fly ? Ken Brown ExLibostrich
Baby's Santa Mouse Michael Brown Grosset & Dunlop-
I don't like it! Ruth Brown Anderson Press-
The Ghost of Shanghai Claude Guillot/Fabienne Burckel Abrams-
Seasons John Burningham ExLib-
The Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Hyperion-
Erni Cabat's Magical World of the CarouselErni Cabat Used 1990-
Masai and I Virginia Kroll/Nancy Carpenter ExLib-
A Tree's Tale Lark Carrier ExLib-
Mouse Creeps Peter Harris/Reg Cartwright Dialmouse
Little Red Riding Hood Stephen Cartwright Tiger-
Cinderella Skeleton Robert D. San Souci/David Catrow Harcourt-
The Million-Dollar Bear William Kotzwinkle/David Catrow Knoft-
The Emperor's Old Clothes Kathryn Lasky/David Catrow Harcourt-
The Long, Long Letter Elizabeth Spurr/David Catrow ExLib-
Mother Night Denys Cazet ExLib-
I Love You Remy Charlip Scholastic-
The Jade Stone Caryn Yacowitz/Ju-Hong Chen ExLib-
Lord of the Cranes Jian_Jiang Chen/Kerstin Chen North Southcrane
The Elves and the Shoemaker John Cech/ Kirill Chelushkin Sterling-
Big & Small, Short & Tall Lynne Cherry ExLib-
I'm Terrific Marjorie Wienman Sharmat/Kay Chorao ExLibbear
Right Here On This Spot Sharon Hart Addy/John Clapp --
Little Fingerling: A Japanese Foldtale Monica Hughes/Brenda Clark - -
On Mother's Lap Ann Herbert Scott/Glo Coalson ExLib -
Molly's Pilgrim Barbara Cohen ExLib-
Honk!: The Story of a Prima Swanerina Pamela Duncan Edwards/Henry Cole Hyperiongeese
Seeing Stars Sharleen Collicott ExLibanimal
The Christmas Candle Richard Paul Evans/Jacob Collins Simon & Schuster-
Sody Sallyratus Joanne Compton/Kenn Compton Holiday Hse-
Where Have You Been? Margaret Wise Brown/Barbara Cooney ExLibrabbit
The Windigo's Return: A North Woods Story Douglas Wood/Greg Couch - -
The Egg and I Sylvie Chausse/Francois Crozat ExLib-
It's Absolutely True Hans Christian Andersen/Francois Crozat Gallery-
The Classic Tales of Bret Rabbit David Borgenicht/Don Daily Couragerabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit Margery Williams Bianco/Don Daily -rabbit
Bear's Christmas Star Mireille d'Allance - bear
All-Weather Friends Udo Weigelt/Nicolas d'Aujourd'hui North Southfrog
Little Bobo S. Romanelli/Hans DeBeer North South-
Alexander the Great Burny Bos/Hans DeBeer North South-
Ollie the Elephant Burny Bos/Hans DeBeer North South-
The Farmer & The Witch Ida Delage ExLib-
Buddha Stories Demi Henry Holt-
The Firebird Demi Used, Henry Holt,1994-
A Redwall Winter's Tale Brian Jacques/Christopher Denise Philomel
The Great Redwall Feast Brian Jacques/Christopher Denise Philomel
Morning Milking Linda Lowe Morris/David Deran ExLib-
The Rules for Cats Fancy Mews/Susan Detritch Smithmarkcat
The Moon Dragon Moira Miller/Ian Deuchar - -
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Ted Dewan ExLib /Doubleday-
Birds Frogs And Moonlight Sylvia Cassedy/Vo-Dinh ExLib-
The Spider and the Fly Mary Howitt/Tony DiTerlizzi Simon & Schuster-
The Magic of Spring Alan Doan Hallmark, 1971-
Pascual's Magic Pictures Amy Glaser Gage/Karen Dugan - -
Red-Spotted Newt Doris Gove/Beverly Duncan Atheneum-
The Ghosts' Trip to Loch Ness Jacques Duquennoy ExLib-
The Snoops Miriam Moss/Delphine Durand Dutton-
The Secret of Trembleton Hall Ursula & Gisela Durr North South-
White Snow, Bright Snow Alvin Tresselt/Roger Duvoisin ExLib /Lothrop-
Good-Bye, Papa Una Leavy/Jennifer Eachus Orchard-
The Blunder of the Rogues Tim Egan HMCo-
Sun Is Falling, Night Is Calling Laura Leuck/Ora Eitan ExLibbunny
The Story of the Search for the Story Bjorn Sortland/Lars Elling Carolrhoda-
Brave Babette & Sly Tom Elzbieta ExLibmouse
Drummer Hoff Barbara & Ed Emberley --
Straight Hair, Curly Hair Augusta Goldin/Ed Emberley Crowell-
Happy Birth Day! Robie H. Harris/Michael Emberley --
Sam and the Firefly P. D. Eastman Random Hseowl
Gilberto And The Wind Marie Hall Ets Viking,1963 -
A Child's View of Christmas Richard Exley/Helen Exley Exley Publications-
Olivia Ian Falconer Simon & Schuster-
Moja means One (Swahili Counting Bk) Tom Feelings ExLib-
Henry David's House Henry David Thoreau/Peter M. Fiore - -
A Song for Little Toad Vivian French/Barbara Firth ExLibtoad
Good Job, Little Bear Martin Waddell/Barbara Firth Candlewickbear
The Park in the Dark Martin Waddell/Barbara Firth - -
Puss in Boots Hans Fischer ExLib /North Southcat
Ride the Cold Wind Anico Surany/Leonard Everett Fisher ExLib /Putnam,1964-
Alexander Graham Bell Leonard Everett Fisher Atheneum-
Galileo Leonard Everett Fisher Atheneum-
Marie Curie Leonard Everett Fisher MacMillan-
The Wailing Wall Leonard Everett Fisher ExLib-
Baby Angels: Board Book Jane Cowen-Fletcher Board-
The Willow Pattern Story Lucienne Fontannaz ExLib-
Once Upon A Potty Alona Frankel Harper -
Prudence's Goodnight Book Alona Frankel Harper -
Prudence's Book of Food Alona Frankel Harper -
Jewish Days & Holidays Greer Fay Cashman/Alona Frankel Adama -
The Book of Goodnight Stories Vratislav Stovicek/Karel Franta Barnes Noble-
That Kookoory! Margaret Walden Froehlich/Marla Frazee Browndeerrooster
Faeries Alan Lee/Brian Froud Abrams-
Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book Terry Jones/Brian Froud Pavilion-
The Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Annegert Fuchshuber Carolrhodarooster
Come Follow Me: To the Secret World of Elves and Fairies and Gnomes and Trolls Gyo FujikawaGrosset & Dunlop, 1982-
The English Roses Modanna/Jeffrey Fulvimari - -
Claude Has A Picnic Dick Gackenbach ExLibdog
There Was Magic Inside David Galchutt ExLib /Simon & Schuster-
Rumpelstiltskin Paul Galdone ExLib-
Cat Goes Fiddle-i-Fee Paul Galdone ExLibcat
The Three Sillies Paul Galdone ExLib-
Mr Bill & Clarence Kay Gallway ExLibdog
Wing-A-Ding Lyn Littlefield Hoopes/Stephen Gammell ExLib-
Where the Buffaloes Begin Stephen Gammell ExLib-
Moon Lake Ivan Gantschev North South-
Haystack Bonnie & Arthur Geisert ExLib-
Christmas At Long Pond William T George/Lindsay Barnett GeorgeExLib-
Jonah and the Two Great Fish Mordicai Gerstein Simon & Schuster-
Red Fox On The Move Hannah Giffard ExLibfox
The Key to the Cupboard Susan Whitcher/Andrew Glass ExLib-
Beyond the Ridge Paul Goble ExLib-
The Fetterman Fight Paul & Dorothy Goble ExLib-
What Shall We Do With The Boo-hoo Baby? Cressida Cowell/Ingrid Godon ExLib-
The Brave Little Tailor Grimm/Sergei Goloshapov North South-
The Six Servants Grimm/Sergei Goloshapov North South-
Santa Through The Window Taro Gomi --
Naughty Nancy John S Goodall ExLib-
Lucy Dove Janice Del Negro/Leonid Gore DK -
Donald Has a Difficulty Edward Gorey Abrams-
The Gashlycrumb Tinies Edward Gorey Harcourt-
No Roses for Harry! Gene Zion/Margaret Bloy Graham ExLibdog
Chin Yu Min & The Ginger Cat Jennifer Armstrong/Mary Grandpre ExLib-
House of Wisdom F. Parry Heide/Mary GrandPre - -
Mrs. Piccolo's Easy Chair Jean Jackson/Diane Greenseid DK -
Uglypuss Caroline Gregoire Henry Holtdog
Little Ballerina (Arand McNally Giant Book)Dorothy Grider Rand McNally, 1958 -
I Can Help (Board book) x2 Carla Grillis Floris Books-
The Funny Farm Gillian Davies/Gill Guile Brimax-
Tidy Pig Lucinda McQueen/Jeremy Guitar Random Hsepig
The Blind Fairy Brigitte Schar/Julia Gukova North South-
Hundarnas Stad (In German) Stefan Gurt Useddog
The Book of Fairies Michael Hague Harper -
The Book of Dragons Michael Hague Morrow -
The Unicorn and the Lake Marianna Mayer/Michael Hague Methuen-
Orlando - Buys A Farm Kathleen Hale ExLibcat
Orlando and The Three Graces Kathleen Hale ExLibcat
The Kissing Hand Audrey Penn/Ruth E Harper Child & Family-
Henry's Gift: The Magic Eye David Worsick/Joyce Harris Viking -
Lucy and the Pirates Glen Petrie/Matilda Harrison ExLib -
Matilda Goodbucket ack Bennett/Trish Hart A&R -
Charles of The Wild John & Ann Hassett ExLibdog
Lady Bugatti Joyce Maxner/Kevin Hawkes Lothrop-
Lady Muck William Mayne/Johnathan Heale ExLibpig
One Day In Paradise Helme Heine ExLib-
The Tale of Caliph Stork Lenny Hort/Friso Henstra ExLib-
The Weaving of a Dream Marilee Heyer ExLib-
I'm The Best ! x2 Marjorie Weinman Sharmat/Will HillenbrandExLibdog
The Tale of Ali Baba and the Forty ThievesEric A. Kimmel/Will Hillenbrand Holiday Hse-
When The Goblins Came Knocking Anna Grossnickle Hines ExLib-
Laura Ingalls Wilder's Fairy Poems Laura Ingalls Wilder/Stephen W. Hines Doubleday-
Jolly Old Santa Claus (Board book) Patricia A. Pingry/George Hinke Candy Cane-
Hoot Jane Hissey ExLib owl
Danger, God Working Overhead Caroline Holden - -
Year in the City Kathy Henderson/Paul Howard ExLib -
The Dragon New Year: A Chinese Legend David Bouchard/Zhong-Yang Huang Peachtree-
My Dog's Brain (Hardcover) Stephen Huneck Penquin,1997 -
The Runaway Bunny Margaret Wise Brown/Clement Hurd ExLib bunny
Rhymes for Annie Rose Shirley Hughes ExLib -
Make Hay While The Sun Shines : A Book of ProverbsAlison M Abel/Shirley Hughes Faber & Faber, 1977-
Nursery Rhymes Maude Humphrey Used -
Light The Lamps Margaret Wild/Dee Huxley - -
Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins Eric A. Kimmel/Trina Schart Hyman - -
Presenting Tanya, the Ugly Duckling Patricia Lee Gauch/Satomi Ichikawa Philomel-
When Martha's Away Bruce Ingman ExLibcat
The Afternoon Treehouse Robert Ingpen Lothian-
Glorious Cats: The Paintings of Lesley Anne Ivory Lesley Anne Ivory Brockhamptoncat
McDuff Comes Home Rosemary Wells/Susan Jeffers - dog
McDuff and the Baby Rosemary Wells/Susan Jeffers - dog
McDuff Moves in (Goodnight) Rosemary Wells/Susan Jeffers - dog
McDuff's New Friend Rosemary Wells/Susan Jeffers - dog
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky: A Message from Chief Seattle Susan Jeffers Dial -
I See the Moon Kathi Appelt/Debra Reid Jenkins - -
The Adventure of Harold and the Purple CrayonCrockett Johnson Harper-
Cat, You Better Come Home Garrison Keillor/Steve Johnson Vikingcat
A Year of Poetry Anne Grahame Johnstone Award-
365 Penguins Jean-Luc Fromental/Joelle Jolivet Used -
Bently And Egg William Joyce Harper-
Santa Calls William Joyce Harper-
The First Starry Night Shaddox Jsom --
Little Elephant's Song Wolfram Hanel/Christina Kadmon North South-
When I Grow Up... Peter Horn/Christina Kadmon North South-
Max in Hollywood, Baby (Hardcover) Maira Kalman Viking,1992 -
Stay up Late Maira Kalman Viking,1987 -
Mr. Carey's Garden Jane Cutler/G. Brian Karas ExLib-
The Bone Keeper Megan McDonald/G. Brian Karas DK -
Mouse Deer And Crocodile John Morris/I Nyoman Kartana Bamboo Books-
Clementina's Cactus ezra Jack Keats --
The Thingumajig Book of Manners Irene Keller/Dick Keller ICB -
Tales of Mystery and Imagination Edgar Allen Poe/Gary Kelley Harcourt-
Engelbert the Elephant Tom Paxton/Steven Kellogg ExLibelephant
Cinderella Moira Kemp Hamish Hamilton-
This Little Piggy (Board Book) Moira Kemp Simon & Schuster-
Ducks Don't Get Wet Augusta Goldin/Leonard Kessler Crowellduck
Big Tracks Little Tracks Franklyn M Branley/Leonard Kiesler Used-
Fishing for a Dream Kate Kiesler --
Haunted House Gill Davies/Eric Kincaid Brimax-
Silk Wood Gill Davies/Eric Kincaid Brimax-
James & The Giant Peach Lane Smith/Karen Kirkpatrick ExLib-
City by the Bay: A Magical Journey Around San Francisco Tricia Brown/Elisa Kleven --
Milly's Wedding Summers/Maggie Kneen ExLibmouse
Eloise Takes A Bawth Kay Thompson / Hilary Knight Used -
May We Sleep Here Tonight ? Yasuko Koide --
Any Room for Me Pauly Lawson/Loek Koopmans ExLibanimal
Cenicienta: Cinderella Charles Perrault/Loek Koopmans North South-
The Little Humpbacked Horse P. Yershov/N.M. Kochergin - horse
The Big Fish Aoi Huber-Kono Edizioni Corraini
Mr. Top Fernando Krahn ExLib -
The Moon & You Robin Rector Krupp ExLib-
Red Riding Hood Tom Roberts/Laszlo Kubinyi - -
The Circus of Mystery x2 Maura Fazzi/Peter Kčhner North South-
The Emperor & The Nightingale Kwan Shan Mei ExLib-
The Night I Followed the Dog Nina Laden Chronicledog
Little Oh Laura Krauss Melmed/Jim LaMarche Lothrop-
The Flame of Peace: A Tale of the AztecsDeborah Nourse Lattimore ExLib-
The Lady with the Ship on Her Head Deborah Nourse Lattimore Used-
Mama, Do You Love Me? Barbara Joosse/Barbara Lavallee Chronicle-
Mama, Do You Love Me? (Board book) Barbara Joosse/Barbara Lavallee Chronicle-
Toussaint L'ouverture: The Fight for Haiti's Freedom Walter Dean Myers/Jacob Lawrence --
Mabel's Story Jenny Koralek/John Lawrence Patrick Hardy-
King of Kings John Lawrence ExLib-
Tiny's Big Adventure John Lawrence Candlewick-
They Were Strong and Good Robert Lawson Viking,1940 -
This is not a book about dodos Daniel Lehan ExLib-
Winter Magic Eveline Hasler/Michele Lemieux ExLib
The Little Train Lois Lenski
Peronnik the Simpleton: A Breton Folk-taleChristiane Lesch
Peppe the Lamplighter Elisa Bartone/Ted Lewin ExLib
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Kevin Lewis - -
Merlin and the Dragons Jane Yolen/Li Ming Cobblehill
Lumina Brigitte Weninger/Julie Wintz-Litty ExLib /North South
The Cat and the Cook and Other Fables of Krylov Ethel Heins/Anita Lobel ExLib -
Sven's Bridge Anita Lobel ExLib -
Ming Lo Moves The Mountain Arnold Lobel ExLib-
Under Elephant Arnold Lobel ExLibelephant
A Treeful of Pigs Arnold & Anita Lobel - pig
The Microscope Maxine Kumin/Arnold Lobel ExLib -
Days with Frog and Toad 25th Anniversary EditionArnold Lobel - frog
Frog and Toad All Year Arnold Lobel - frog
Frog and Toad Are Friends Arnold Lobel - frog
Frog and Toad Together Arnold Lobel - frog
Grasshopper on the Road Arnold Lobel - grasshopper
Mouse Soup (An I Can Read Book) Arnold Lobel - mouse
Mouse Tales (I Can Read Book 2) Arnold Lobel - mouse
Owl at Home (I Can Read Book 2) Arnold Lobel - owl
Small Pig (An I Can Read Book) Arnold Lobel - pig
The Just Right Mother Goose Arnold Lobel Random Hse-
The Arnold Lobel Book of Mother Goose Arnold Lobel - -
The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight Jack Prelutsky/Arnold Lobel - -
Hush Little Baby sylvia Long --
Aesop's Fables Patricia Ludlow Brown Watson-
Puss in Boots Guiliano Lunelli North South-
The Swan's Gift WenHai Ma ExLibswan
Creepy-Crawly Birthday James Howe/Jeff Mack ExLib-
Twin Pickle Ann Doro/Clare Mackie Henry Holt-
The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo & the New VestmentsKevin Maddison ExLib-
PaPa Ob Long: The Animals' Great Journey LeRoy Blankenship/Kelly Magladry - giraffe
Big Squeak, Little Squeak Fraus/O'Malley ExLibcat & mouse
A World of Words: An ABC of Quotations Tobi Tobias/Peter Malone ExLib-
The Seeing Stick Jane Yolen/Remy Charlip & Demetra Maraslis ExLib-
The Story of Little Babaji Helen Bannerman/Fred Marcellino Harper-
The Owl and the Pussycat Edward Lear/James Marshall Harper-
Nicole's Boat Allen Morgan/Jirina Marton ExLib-
Pigs Robert N. Munsch/Michael Martchenko ExLib-
George and Martha Round and Round James Marshall ExLib hippo
The Story of Jonah: An Alice in Bibleland StorybookAlice Joyce Davidson/Victoria MarshallCR Gibson-
The Story of Creation: An Alice in Bibleland StorybookAlice Joyce Davidson/Victoria MarshallCR Gibson-
Psalms & Proverbs: An Alice in Bibleland StorybookAlice Joyce Davidson/Victoria MarshallCR Gibson-
Jig, Fig and Mrs. Pig Peter Hansard/Francesca Martin ExLib /Walker-
Max, the Stubborn Little Wolf Marie-Odile Judes/Bourre Martine Harper-
Mother Goose For Boys & Girls Toshi Maruki Used / Board-
Aunt Elaine Does The Dance From Spain Petra Mathers ExLib-
The Cranky Sun Jerry Kramsky/Lorenzo Mattotti ExLib-
Dogs Think That Everyday Is Christmas Ray Bradbury/Louise Reinoehl Max Gibbs dog
With Cat for Comforter Ray Bradbury/Louise Reinoehl Max Gibbs cat
Little Lost Kitten Lois Lovett/Dale Maxey Random Hse, 1962-
The Heavenly Tenants William Maxwell - -
Hiccup Mercer Mayer ExLib -
Bullfrog Pops! Rick Walton/Chris McAllister Gibbs Smithfrog
Little Bunny on the Move Peter McCarty Henry Holt-
The Battle of Luke and Longnose Barbara McClintock ExLib -
When Mindy Saved Hanukkah Eric Kimmel/Barbara McClintock Scholastic-
The Magic Tree: A Tale from the Congo Gerald McDermott Used -
Daughter of Earth Gerald McDermott ExLib -
The 9 Tasks of Mistry: An Adventure in the World of Illusion Chris McEwan Orchard -
Pigs at Odds : Fun with Math and Games Amy Axelrod/Sharon McGinley-Nally Simon & Schusterpig
What's Wrong With This Book? Richard McGuire Viking-
No No, Jo! Kate McMullan/Jim McMullan - cat
The Haunted Castle: A Spooky Story Stephanie Laslett/Nigel McMullen Dutton -
Dracula's Tomb Colin McNaughton Candlewick-
Hmm... Colin McNaughton ExLib pig
Those Can-Do Pigs David Mcphail ExLibpig
Santa's Book of Names David Mcphail Little Brown-
Good Times With Teddy Bear Jacqueline McQuade Dial -
Squeaky Clean Simon Puttock/Mary McQuillan - pig
What's Wrong Now, Millicent ? Sue Alexander/David Scott Meier ExLibhippo
Stupid Emilien S. T. Mendelson - -
The Tale of Tobias Jan Mark/Rachel Merriman Candlewick-
Fireflies, Fireflies, Light My Way Jonathan London/Linda Messier ExLib-
Journey to the Bright Kingdom Elizabeth Winthrop/Charles Mikolaycak ExLib-
Tam Lin Jane Yolen/Charles Mikolaycak ExLib-
The Legend of the Christmas Rose Ellin Greene/Charles Mikolaycak ExLib-
Tatterhood and the Hobgoblins: A Norwegian Folktale Lauren A. Mills - -
Letter to Santa Claus x2 Brigitte Weninger/Anne Moller North South-
Getting Dressed (A Jump at the Sun Board Book) Dessie & Chevelle Moore Harper-
Walt Disney's: The Grasshopper and the Ants Margaret Wise Brown/Larry MooreDisney-
The Two Bullies Junko Morimoto Crown -
The Christmas Ship Dean Morrissey Harper-
The Great Kettles: A Tale of Time Dean Morrissey Abrams-
The Song of Celestine James Redfield &Dee Lillegard/Dean MorrisseyLittle Brown-
Holly the hedgehog (A "Not so" cuddly pet board book) (Board Book)Ken Morton Peter Haddock-
Edwina the elephant (A "Not so" cuddly pet board book) (Board Book)Ken Morton Peter Haddock-
Humphrey the Hippo (A "Not so" cuddly pet board book) (Board Book)Ken Morton Peter Haddock-
Clarence the crocodile (A "Not so" cuddly pet board book) (Board Book)Ken MortonPeter Haddock-
Jump Joel Chandler Harris/Barry Moser ExLib hare
Kashtanka Anton Chekhov/Barry Moser ExLibdog
The Bird House Cynthia Rylant/Barry Moser ExLib-
The Magic Hare x2 Lynne Reid Banks/Barry Moser ExLibhare
One Horse Waiting for Me Patricia Mullins Simon & Schusterhorse
The Three Questions Jon J Muth - -
Over the Moon (Hardcover) Rachel Vail/Scott Nash Orchard,1998 -
Forri The Baker Edward Myers/Alexi Natchev ExLib -
Babette x2 Clare Turlay Newberry Smithmarkcat
Barkis Clare Turlay Newberry Smithmarkdog
Herbert the Lion Clare Turlay Newberry Smithmarklion
Mittens x2 Clare Turlay Newberry Smithmarkcat
Smudge x2 Clare Turlay Newberry Smithmarkcat
The Slant Book Peter Newell Tuttle -
The Very Little Boy Phyllis Krasilovsky/Ninon ExLib-
The Mouse of Amherst Elizabeth Spires/Claire A. Nivola - mouse
You're Just What I Need Ruth Krauss/Julia Noonan Harper -
Dancing Dogs Philip Ross Norman ExLibdog
While The Shepherd Slept Matt Novak ExLib-
Junior Thunder Lord Laurence Yep/Robert Van Nutt ExLib-
Buzzy Widget Kevin Kiser/John O'Brien - -
The Story of the Root-Children Sibylle Von Olfers ExLib-
Father Christmas and the Donkey Elizabeth Clark/Jan Ormerod ExLibdonkey
Grandmother and I Helen E. Buckley/Jan Ormerod ExLib-
The Water Babies Josephine Poole/Jan Ormerod Millbrook-
What Faust Saw Matt Ottley ExLibdog
Big Mama Makes the World Phyllis Root/Helen Oxenbury Walker Books-
Midnight Play Kveta Pacovska North South-
How a Baby Grows (Board book) Nola Buck/Pamela Paparone Harper-
A Very Kroll Christmas Betty Paraskevas/Michael Paraskevas Harcourt-
Stuffer Peter Parnall ExLibhorse
An Amazing Alphabet John Patience Peter Haddock, 1984-
Hubble Bubble: A Book of Witches and Wizards John Patience Derrydale, 1990-
Dragon Tales: A Book of Dragons John Patience Derrydale, 1990-
Little People: A Book of Fairies, Elves and DwarfsJohn Patience Derrydale, 1990-
The Remarkable Farkle McBride John Lithgow/C.F. Payne - -
A Christmas Memory Truman Capote/Beth Peck ExLib-
Iron John Marianna Mayer/Winslow Pels Morrow-
The Evergreen Wood Alan Perry & Linda Perry Hunt & Thorpe-
Milo and the Magical Stones Marcus Pfister North Southmouse
Penguin Pete, Ahoy! Marcus Pfister ExLibpenguin
The Rainbow Fish Marcus Pfister North Southfish
Where Does the Trail Lead? Burton Albert/Brian Pinkney ExLib -
Jolly Roger: A Dog of Hoboken Daniel Manus Pinkwater Lothropdog
Perry Poops Al Pittau Chronicle-
Terrry Toots Al Pittau Chronicle-
On A Wing & A Wish Al Pittman ExLibbird
The Wind in the Willows : The Gates of DawnKenneth Grahame/Michel Plessix NBM-
Just Plain Fancy Patricia Polacco ExLib /Bantam-
My Ol' Man Patricia Polacco ExLib /Philomel-
Some Birthday! Patricia Polacco ExLib /Simon & Schuster-
The Bee Tree Patricia Polacco ExLib /Philomel-
The Graves Family Patricia Polacco Philomel-
The Littlest Emperor David Seow/Olga Marie Polunin Turtle -
Bed-Time Alphabet Stories Rien Poortvliet Kabouter-
The Sandman Rien Poortvliet Kabouter-
Corey's Kite Hannah Roche/Pierre Pratt DeA -
Sandra's Sun Hat Hannah Roche/Pierre Pratt DeA -
A Child's Garden of Verses Alice & Martin Provensen Golden Press,1951-
The Mother Goose Book Alice & Martin Provensen Ramdom House,1976-
Charlie Parker played be bop Chris Raschka ExLib-
Little Tree EE Cummings/Chris Raschka Hyperion-
Happy to Be Nappy (Jump at the Sun) Chris Raschka Bell-
The Tzar's Bird Ann Tompert/Robert Rayevsky ExLib-
Melted Star Journey Karen Reczuch --
Goodnight, Goodnight Eve Rice ExLib-
The Big Big Book of Mother Goose Frederick Richardson ExLib-
Weary Will The Wombat AB Banjo Paterson/Rich Richardson Lansdowne-
Boss of the Table Manners Anne De Graaf/Evelyn Rivet Scandinavia-
Double Yuk Anne De Graaf/Evelyn Rivet Scandinavia-
Please Wonderful Mummy Anne De Graaf/Evelyn Rivet Scandinavia-
The New Ears Anne De Graaf/Evelyn Rivet Scandinavia-
The Wolf Who Wasn't Anne De Graaf/Evelyn Rivet Scandinavia-
The Jungle ABC Michael Roberts Nanimal
Cowboys Glen Rounds ExLib-
Trouble In The Ark Gerald Rose ExLib-
Smith Take A Bath JJJ Strong/Ross ExLibcat
Jack The Giantkiller Tony Ross Anderson Press-
Monkey Trouble John A Rowe North South-
Peter Piglet John A Rowe North South-
Smudge John A Rowe North South-
Some Things Never Change Ken Rush ExLib-
ABC Disney Sabuda Pop-up -
Saint Valentine Robert Sabuda Atheneum-
Chicken Chuck Bill Martin/Steven Salerno Winslow Press-
Elfwyn's Saga: Story and Pictures David Wisniewski/Lee Salsbery - -
The Enchanted Wood Ruth Sanderson ExLib -
Tale of a Tail Judit Z. Bodnar/John Sandford Lothropfox
The Wizard of Oz L.Frank Baum/Charles Santore Random Hse-
William the Curious: Knight of the Water Lilies Charles Santore Random Hse-
Across Town Sara ExLib /Orchard,1991-
Under The Cherry Blossom Tree Allen Say ExLib-
To Market! to Market! (Hardcover) Anushka Ravishankar/Emanuele Scanziani Tara -
Polite Elephant(Board book) Richard Scarry Golden Books-
Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer Barbara Shook Hozen/Richard Scarry Golden Books-
Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat Amy Tan/Gretchen Schields ExLib cat
Smash! Crash! Jon Scieszka -
The Squirrel and The Moon Eleonore Schmid North South -
Laura Binette Schroeder North South-
Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the RudLynn Plourde/John Schoenherr Scholasticpig
The marvelous march of Jean FrancoisJohn F Raymond/Joseph Schindelman ExLib /Doubleday-
Abracadabra Ingrid & Dieter Schubert ExLib -
Furred And Feathered Friends Rod Scott - -
A Hole Is to Dig Ruth Krauss/Maurice Sendak - -
Alligators All Around Maurice Sendak - -
Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of MonthsMaurice Sendak - -
Dear Mili: An Old Tale Wilhelm Grimm/Maurice Sendak - -
Hurry Home, Candy Meindert DeJong/Maurice Sendak - -
The House of Sixty Fathers Meindert DeJong/Maurice Sendak - -
Father Bear Comes Home Else Holmelund Minarik/Maurice Sendak - -
A Kiss for Little Bear Else Holmelund Minarik/Maurice Sendak - -
Little Bear (An I Can Read Book) Else Holmelund Minarik/Maurice Sendak - -
Little Bear's Friend (I Can Read Book 1)Else Holmelund Minarik/Maurice Sendak - -
Little Bear's Visit Else Holmelund Minarik/Maurice Sendak - -
No Fighting, No Biting! Else Holmelund Minarik/Maurice Sendak - -
Brundibar Tony Kushner/Maurice Sendak MDC -
In the Night Kitchen Maurice Sendak - -
Love for Three Oranges: The Glyndebourne VerFrank Corsaro/Maurice Sendak - -
Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present Charlotte Zolotow/Maurice Sendak - -
One Was Johnny: A Counting Book Maurice Sendak - -
Pierre : A Cautionary Tale in 5 Chapters & a Prologue Maurice Sendak - -
Outside Over There /Maurice Sendak - -
Sign on Rosie's Door /Maurice Sendak - -
The Animal Family Randall Jarrell/Maurice Sendak - -
The Bat-Poet Randall Jarrell/Maurice Sendak - -
The Golden Key George MacDonald/Maurice Sendak - -
The Moon Jumpers x2 Jamie May Udry/Maurice Sendak Harper -
We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and GuyMaurice Sendak Harper -
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak - -
The fools of Chelm & their history Isaac Bashevis Singer/Uri Shulevitz ExLib-
Hosni the Dreamer: An Arabian Tale Ehud Ben-Ezer/Uri Shulevitz FSG -
Silly Heads Ruth Wickings/Cathie Shuttleworth Pop-Up-
The Happy Day Ruth Krauss/Marc Simont - bear
Rainbow Days (Sparkle Books) Dana Simson Used -
The Banana Split from Outer Space Catherine Siracusa ExLibpig
Beach Ball Peter Sis ExLib-
Komodo ! Peter Sis ExLib-
The Little Wing Giver Jacques Taravant/Peter Sis Henry Holt-
The Three Golden Keys Peter Sis Doubleday-
Fairy Tales of My Grandfather Marketa Siskova - -
A Creepy Countdown Charlotte Huck/Jos A Smith ExLib-
Chester the Out-Of-Work Dog Marilyn Singer/Cat Bowman Smith ExLibdog
Flying Jake Lane Smith Macmillan-
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! Jon Scieszka/Lane Smith Vikingpig
The Pumpkin Runner Marsha Diane Arnold/Brad Sneed Dial -
So Far from the Sea Eve Bunting/Chris K. Soentpiet Clarion-
A Possible Tree Josephine H. Aldridge/Daniel San Souci ExLib-
The Black Geese Alison Lurie & Jessica Souhami ExLibgeese
Just A Minute Handprint Staff/Jung-Hee Spetter ExLibpig
Sorochintsy Fair Nikolai Gogol/Gennadij Spirin ExLib-
We Three Kings Gennady Spirin Atheneum-
Monkey Sunday: A Story from a Congolese Village Sanna Stanley FSG-
Emergency Mouse Ralph Steadman ExLibmouse
No Room To Swing A Cat Ralph Steadman ExLibcat
The Story of The San Francisco EarthquakeR Conrad Stein ExLib-
The Story of Jumping Mouse John Steptoe Lothropmouse
The Bremen Town Musicians Janet Stevens ExLib-
The Hedgehog Feast Edith Holden/Rowena StottUsed /M Joseph & Webb & Bower, 1978-
The Mysterious Misadventures of Foy Rin Jin Jim Friedman/Patti Stren Harper-
Ghosts: A Classic Collection Walt Sturrock Unicorn-
The Waiting Place Marc Sutherland Abrams -
Will You Take Care of Me? Margaret Park Bridges/Melissa Sweet - kangaroo
The Dancing Pig Judy Sierra/Jesse Sweetwater Gulliverpig
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat Simms Taback - -
The Boy Who Stopped Time Anthony Taber ExLib-
Salt Is Sweeter Than Gold Andrew Peters/Zdenka Kabatova- Taborska- -
Search for Santa Anthony Tallarico Kidsbooks-
'Twas the Night Before Christmas: Or Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas Matt TavaresCandlewick-
Merry Christmas, Davy! B. Weninger/Eve Tharlet North South-
Will You Mind the Baby, Davy? B. Weninger/Eve Tharlet North South-
How To Live Forever Colin Thompson ExLibBooks
The Wildlife 123 : A Nature Counting BookJan Thornhill Simon & Schuster-
The Rabbit Who Longed For Home Lilian Edvall/Anna-Clara Tidholm -rabbit
I'll Bet You Thought I Was Lost Shirley Parenteau/Lorna Tomei ExLib-
God's Little Seeds: A Book of Parables Bijou Le Tord Eerdmans-
Sing a New Song: Book of Psalms Bijou Le Tord Eerdmans-
The Old Musician Rita Tornqvist & Marit Tornqvist ExLib-
Two Days in May Harriet Peck Taylor/Leyla Torres FSG deer
Favourite Tales from Grimm & Anderson Jiri Trnka - -
Legends From Eastern Lands Jaroslav Tichy/Miloslav Troup Hamlyn, 67-
Albert'S Play Leslie Tryon Atheneum-
Fa Mulan: The Story of a Woman Warrior Robert D. San Souci/Mou-Sien Tseng Hyperion-
Among the Odds & Evens: A Tale of Adventure Priscilla Turner/Whitney TurnerFSG -
Elephant Buttons Noriko Ueno ExLib-
No Kiss for Mother Tomi Ungerer Delacortecat
A House Is Not A Home Christa Unzner North South-
You Shall Be King! Antinie Schneider/Christa Unzner North South-
Reynard the Fox Alain Vaes Turnerfox
The Monster Storm Jeanne Willis/Susan Varley Lothrop-
Frog And The Wide World Max Velthuijs ExLibfrog
Frog in Winter Max Velthuijs ExLibfrog
No One Like You Jillian Harker/Pamela Venus Bright Sparks-
Ginger Charlotte Voake Candlewickcat
An Anteater Named Arthur Bernard Waber ExLib -
Who Likes Wolfie ? Ragnhild Scamell/Tim Warnes EsLibanimal
The Market Lady & The Mango Tree Pete & Mary Watson ExLib-
Let's Go to the Library Lisl Weil ExLib-
Red Light, Green Light Margaret Wise Brown/Leonard Weisgard ExLib-
Nibble Nibble (Young Scott Books) Margaret Wise Brown/Leonard Weisgard Harper-
Bunny Money Rosemary Wells ExLibbunny
Edward's First Swimming Party Rosemary Wells ExLibbear
Here Comes Mother Goose Iona Opie/Rosemary Wells Candlewick-
Humpty Dumpty (Board Book) Iona Opie/Rosemary Wells Candlewick-
Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat and Other Rhymes (Board Book)Iona Opie/Rosemary Wells Candlewick-
Max's Chocolate Chicken Rosemary Wells Used /Dial, 1989-
Whatleys Quest : An Alphabet Adventure Bruce Whatley Harper -
June 29, 1999 David Wiesner David Bennett-
Sector 7 David Wiesner Clarion-
Night of the Gargoyles Eve Bunting/David Wiesner - -
Bear's Adventure Brian Wildsmith ExLibbear
Cat On The Mat Brian Wildsmith ExLibcat
Daisy Brian Wildsmith ExLibcow
Goat's Trail Brian Wildsmith ExLibgoat
Wild Animals Brian Wildsmith ExLibanimal
Baby's Mother Goose Eloise Wilkin Merrigold-
Baby's Christmas (Board Book) Eloise Wilkin Random Hse-
How Many Kisses Goodnight (Classic Board Books) Jean Monrad Thomas/Eloise WilkinRandom Hse-
You're Safe Now, Waterdog Richard Edwards & Sophy Williams ExLibdog
The Peacock Party Alan Aldridge/Harry Willock Vikingpeacock
Look Again! A. J. Wood/April Wilson ExLib-
Engelbert Joins The Circus Tom Paxton/Roberta Wilson ExLibelephant
The Girl & the Moon Man: A Siberian Folktale Jeanette Winter ExLib /Pantheon-
Old Magic Allan Baillie/Di Wu - -
One Hole in the Road W. Nikola-Lisa/Dan Yaccarino Henry Holt-
Peach Blossom Spring Fergus M Bordewich/Yang Ming-Yi ExLib-
Big Al Andrew Clements/Yoshi ExLibfish
Donkey Trouble Ed Young Atheneumdonkey
Goodbye Geese Nancy White Carlstrom/Ed Young ExLibgeese
The Turkey Girl: A Zuni Cinderella StoryPenny Pollock/Ed Young ExLib-
What Comes in Spring? Barbara Savadge Horton/Ed Young - -
Last Night I Dreamed a Circus Maya Gottfried/Robert Rahway Zakanitch Knoft-
Salt Harve Zemach/Margot Zemach ExLib-
Walt Disney's Santa's Toy Shop - Disney -
The Magic Ring-Russian Folk Tales ffrom Alexander Afanasiev's Collection- Radugo,Moscow -
My Big Book of Fairy Tales - Used -
Time For A Rhyme (Bernard Thornton Artists) Peter Haddock-

LadyBird / Egmont

Fidgety Frogs (1999) Mandy Ross/Carey Bennett Ladybird-
Horrible Hippos (1999) Nicola Baxter/Julie Bucanan Black Ladybird-
Snuggle Down, Ducklings (2000) Mandy Ross/Jo Brown Ladybird-
Molly Maran and the Fox (2001) Caroline Pitcher/Gabriella Buckingham Ladybird-
Wiggly Worms (1999) Mandy Ross/Caroline Jayne Church Ladybird-
Forgetful Little Fireman (1996) Chris L. Demarest Ladybird-
Here Comes Dad (2000) Irene Yates/Nicola Evans Ladybird-
Bedtime for Little Dragons (2000) Irene Yates/Helen Floate Ladybird-
Little Chick (2000) Mandy Ross/Sarah Gibb Ladybird-
Goodnight Bunny (2000) Ronne Randall/Sophie Harding Ladybird-
Grandma Hippo's Visit (2000) Irene Yates/Claire Henley Ladybird-
Benedict Goes to the Beach (1997) Alan MacDonald/Philip Hopman Ladybird-
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1984) (Used) Rose Impey Ladybird-
Caterpillars Can't Fly (2001) Judith Nicholls/Cecilia Johansson Ladybird-
Big Bad Bears (1999) Stephanie Barton/Fran Jordan Ladybird-
Henry's Box (1998) Shen Roddie/Sue King Ladybird-
In Comes the Tide (1996) Valerie King Ladybird-
Alphapets (Phonics) (2000) Mandy Ross/Neal Layton Ladybird-
Bold Little Tiger (1997) Joan Stimson/Jan Lewis Ladybird-
Cheeky Chimps (1999) Mandy Ross/Tania Hurt-Newton Ladybird-
Scaredy Cats (1999) Ronne Randall/Tania Hurt-Newton Ladybird-
Bouncy Bunnies (1999) Irene Yates/Jill Newton Ladybird-
Daring Ducks (1999) Nicola Baxter/Terry Norridge Ladybird-
Lazy Lions (1999) Joan Stimson/Valerie Petrone Ladybird-
Creepy Crocodiles (1999) Irene Yates/Martin Pierce Ladybird-
Little Red Hen (1999) Liz Pochon Ladybird-
Johnny Town-Mouse (1996) Beatrix Potter Ladybird-
Mystery Mice (1999) Ronne Randall/Majolein POttie Ladybird-
Bella and Gertie (1996) Geraldine Taylor/Guy Parker-Rees Ladybird-
Terrible Tigers (1999) Joan Stimson/Eric Smith Ladybird-
Sweet Dreams, Josephine (2000) Nicola Baxter/Eric Smith Ladybird-
The Great Squirrel Hunt (1998) Geraldine Taylor/Lesley Smith Ladybird-
Telephone Ted (1996) Joan Stimson/Peter Stevenson Ladybird-
Noisy Little Truck (1997) Nicola Baxter/Harmen Van Straaten Ladybird-
Busy Little Postman (1997) Karen King/Harmen Van Straaten Ladybird-
Second Picture Book (1970) Ethel & Harry Wingfield Ladybird-
Are We Nearly There? (1998) Joan Stimson/Cliff Wright Ladybird-
Star That Fell (1995) Karen Hayles/Cliff Wright Ladybird-
This Way, Little Badger (1996) Phil McMylor/Cliff Wright Ladybird-
The Wind in the Willows (Classics) (1994)Kenneth Grahame/Cliff Wright Ladybird-
Knock! Knock! (1998) Judith Nicholls/Klaas Verplancke Ladybird-
My Bedtime Collection of 1st Favurite Tales- Ladybird-
My Storytime Collection of 1st Favurite Tales- Ladybird-
Rapunzel (2000) Shirley Jackson/Shahrokh Nael Egmont -
Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1999) Shirley Jackson/Jeanette Slater Egmont -
Little Red Hen (1999) Shirley Jackson/Jeanette Slater Egmont -
Chicken Licken (1999) Shirley Jackson/Angela Terris Egmont -


Title Arthur/Ilustrator ConditionRemark

The Z Was Zapped: A Play in Twenty-Six ActsChris Van Allsburg HMCo -
Oh Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me? (Books with Holes)Pam Adams ExLib /Child's Play, 1990-
The Mud Pony (Large Format) Caron Lee Cohen/Shonto Begay - -
I Like Me! (Large Format) Nancy Carlson puffin -
The Adventures of Lofty de Lizzard Jaclyn Chan & Jane Porter Octopus.sglizard
The Perfect Pet (Large Format) Peta Coplans - -
Kitten Finds a Home Michele Coxon Happy Cat Bookscat
Why Are You Afraid To Hold My Hand ? Sheila Dhir Tulika-
The Shepherd and his cloud Natalie Pang / Drewscape Straits Times Press
Santa's Favorite Story Hisako Aoki/Ivan Gantschev Aladdin-
Rochee - The Friendliest Cockroach Gavin Goo Straits Times Press
The Girl, the Fish, and the Crown: A Spanish FolktaleMarilee Heyer Puffin -
Little Bear's Trousers Jane Hissey ExLib bear
Ruff Jane Hissey ExLib dog
Wolves in Yellowstone (Humane Society of the United States)Randy Houk HSUS wolves
The Day We Met You Phoebe Koehler Aladdin-
Simon Says Shen Roddie/Sally Ann Lambert Frances Lincolnpig
Ah Kong's Clock Belinda Chan / Lynette Long Straits Times Press
Witch Witch Come to My Party Arden Druce/Pat Ludlow ExLib -
Hansel and Gretel James Marshall Puffin-
Red Riding Hood James Marshall Puffin-
Dogs Don't Wear Sneakers Laura Numeroff/Joe Mathieu Aladdindog
Smog the City Dog Adria Meserve Red Fox,2003 -
Papagayo: The Mischief Maker Gerald McDermott - parrot
Jump Joel Chandler Harris/Barry Moser Voyager Books-
A Piece of Cake Jill Murphy Walker elephant
All in One Piece Jill Murphy Walker elephant
Five Minutes' Peace Jill Murphy Walker elephant
The Kewpie primer Rose O'Neill Shackman, 1980-
The Elephant And The Tree Jim Pyn Peach Blossom Mediaelephant
How Many Feet in the Bed? Diane Johnston Hamm/Kate Salley Palmer Aladdin-
Rechenka's Eggs (Paperstar) Patricia Polacco Paperstargoose
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter Puffin rabbit
Why Opossum Is Gray Janet Palazzo-Craig/Charles Reasoner Troll -
Can Piggles Do It? Frank Rodgers ExLib pig
Baby Crow John Rowe North Southcrow
Along Came a Dog (Harper Trophy Books) Meindert DeJong/Maurice Sendak - -
Fly by Night Randall Jarrell/Maurice Sendak - -
In the Night Kitchen Maurice Sendak ExLib -
Maurice Sendak's Really Rosie Starring the Nutshell KidsMaurice Sendak - -
Shadrach (Harper Trophy Books) Meindert DeJong/Maurice Sendak - -
The Light Princess (Sunburst Book) George MacDonald/Maurice Sendak - -
I Saw Esau: The Schoolchild's Pocket BookIona Opie/Maurice Sendak Candlewick-
Ben and Clementine Caroline Sharpe Abelard-
One Monday Morning (Large Format) Uri Shulevitz Scholastic -
Fred Posy Simmonds Puffin -
Little White Dogs Can't Jump Bruce Whatley/Rosie Smith Argus & Robertsondog
Jungle Jokes Jaafar Taib Creative,M'sia -
Little Curly In The Little Town Jennifer Tan EPH -
You Look Ridiculous, Said the Rhinoceros to the HippopotamusBernard Waber ExLib rhino
Henny Penny (Large Format) H Werner Zimmermann Scholastic-
Lazy Mary (Large Format) - Scholastic-


Title Arthur/Ilustrator Condition Remark

Legs (The Story of A Giraffe) Ann Baumann ExLib giraffe
The Devil's Other Storybook Natalie Babbitt - -
Alphabet of Sweets Marcel Desaulniers Rizzoli -
One Red Dot: A Pop-Up Book for Children of All Ages David A. Carter Little Simon,05 -
* (given out as present @2012)
Kenny & The Dragon Tony Diterlizzi - -
The Wild Runners Mel Ellis ExLib
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1970
The Stone Book Alan Garner ExLib -
Sid Seal, Houseman Tony Goffe ExLib -
The Treehorn's Wish Florence Parry Heide/Edward Gorey ExLib -
@_@ No Room for Bears Frank Dufresne/Rachel S Horne ExLib
Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1968
Watch The House Santoro Whayne/Leslie Morill ExLib dog
Three Terrible Trins Dick King-Smith - -
Harry Potter Mixed Boxed Set
Chamber of Secrets, Sorcerer's Stone, Prisoner of Azkaban
J. K. Rowling- -
Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix J. K. Rowling - -
The Doll People Ann M. Martin &Laura Godwin/Brian Selznick Hyperion, 2000 -
The Art of Alice in Wonderland Stephanie Lovett Stoffel Smithmark -
The Bowlegged Rooster Joyce Carol Thomas Harper rooster
Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations/William Wilson Mango -
The Pigs Are Flying !Emily Rodda/Noela Young
Do Not Be Sad (A Chronicle of Healing) - - -


Title Arthur/Ilustrator ConditionRemark

A Rat's Tale Tor Seidler/Fred Marcellino Harperrat